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Shiro Kuramata

Photo: Kazumi Kurigami

Issei Miyake / From First , 1976 
How High the Moon,1986
ISSEY MIYAKE / From First, 1976 
How High the Moon, 1986
SAMBA-M, 1988

Shiro Kuramata's designs seem to aim in shocking and exciting directions with shocking ideas, but because they are deeply grounded in original intellectual work, the displayed world is as gentle and understated as his personality itself, and is sublimated to a sensual elegance. I call Kuramata a serene revolutionary."

- Eiko Ishioka (Reprinted with excerpts from AXIS July/August 1996 issue)

Photo: Mitsumasa  Fujitsuka

Photo: Nacasa & Partners

Photo: Ryoichi Yamashita

This site was created under the supervision of Kuramata Design Office to promote Shiro Kuramata's products and related products that are still in production, as well as his ideas.

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Shiro Kuramata
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