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Art Collection

Limited Edition

Perfume Bottle No.3


A beautiful gem dedicated to the grave of Shiro Kuramata. It all started in 1990 when Issey Miyake asked Shiro Kuramata to design a perfume bottle for the ISSEY MIYAKE brand. Although several prototypes were made, the project was terminated without being realized at that time.

Soon after, however, Shiro Kuramata passed away suddenly. Tomohiko Mihoya of Mihoya Glass Shop, with whom Kuramata had a long cooperative relationship, strongly requested that one of the bottles, "Perfume Bottle No. 3," be made in crystal and dedicated at Kuramata's grave. This object, which cannot hold perfume or other items, was made in a limited edition of 30 pieces. The cap, made of anodized aluminum and colored blue and purple, was made in a limited edition of 30. It comes with a certificate from Kuramata Design Office with a serial number.

Incidentally, Issey Miyake, who had long hoped to sell a perfume using a Kuramata-designed perfume bottle, sold L'EAU D'ISSEY EDITION SHIRO KURAMATA worldwide in 2008. The basic design of the perfume bottle at that time was Kuramata's, but the original form was modified to accommodate the perfume.

Dimensions: 6.8x5.0x5.0cm

Materials: Materials:

Body: crystal

Cap: aluminum stained alumite finish

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