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Shiro Kuramata designed this lighting in the shape of a wine glass in 1988. Together with "Hydrogen Dream," which uses a spoon, it was born from Kuramata's original idea of using small objects in the kitchen as lighting fixtures. At the unveiling of the product, Kuramata surprised visitors by turning on the light and turning the champagne he poured into it red. Such humor is one of the characteristics of Kuramata's design. The technology at the time of its release made it difficult to produce, and only a small quantity was released to the world. It was a "phantom lighting" that has only been exhibited in a few exhibitions so far.
 Gallery Tamura Joe has reissued it as part of its project. It is manufactured by Ambientec, a Japanese company that has attracted worldwide attention for its portable lights. The reissued version, using the latest modern technology, is a rechargeable cordless light that can be used for a long time and is waterproof, greatly improving usability. The glass is hand-blown by craftsmen and is of high quality.

Photo: Nacasa & Partners


Main body: Approx. Φ80 x H212 mm (including charging stand: Approx. 220 mm) Charging stand: Approx. Φ73 x H8 mm Weight: Main body 210 g, Charging stand 65 g

Country of origin: Japan

Materials: Body: Glass, aluminum (baked finish), silicon rubber, ABS Charging stand: Aluminum (anodized), silicon rubber, ABS




Known by the nickname "Oba-Q," this lighting is Kuramata's best-selling work to date. This is Kuramata's best-selling work to date. The shape is gravity-defying, as if the center of a handkerchief were lifted. The draped, milky-white shade is made by heating a square sheet of acrylic to about 120 degrees Celsius, then placing it on a stake covered with tennis balls and shaping it by hand while it is hot. The prototype was released in 1972, and has been produced and sold by YAMAGIWA since 1982.

Dimensions: W700 x D700 x H585

Country of origin: Japan

Materials: Shade: Milky semi-acrylic, base, steel paint finish

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